Diving as a Metaphor for Deep Thought

I had a moment last night where everything was silent and I closed my eyes in a dark room. Rain hit the window as my thoughts went deep inside myself, filling up my chest. Like a scuba diver delving deep into the unknown mists of the vast ocean, my thoughts dove deeper and deeper until they could stop in a place where new things could be discovered.

A diver discovers hidden treasure, lost wrecks and new species of sea creatures. Last night, I discovered amazing ideas, traits about myself and things I need to change in my life. Thinking deeply, diving deeply, it’s like putting your hand deep inside an appliance with a screw driver to twist the right screw and realize all that needs to be fixed about yourself.

When it comes time to pause and reflect, I put my diving goggles on and bring an underwater flash light to explore the depths of my soul. I dive and dive and when I come back up to the surface I’m a new person. I feel different. I know more. Sitting in a chair and not even moving, all I needed to do is close my eyes and somehow I know more. Somehow my insides are full of rolling landscapes on the seabed.

This is my metaphor for deep thought and my favorite thing in the worldscuba diving.

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Scuba Diving in Canada

diving in canada

Have you ever scuba dived before? If you have, have done so in Canada? If so, what’s your favorite spot? Mine is Tafino, a little town on Vancouver Island.

Canada isn’t the first place people think of when people ask for good spots to scuba dive. That’s probably because Canada has a reputation for being cold. But it’s really not all that much colder than other places in the world. It’s in the same hemisphere as other places that don’t have such reputations. British Columbia is actually quite tropical in the summer, with ferns and beautiful warm lakes. So in case you didn’t know…

Here’s a helpful list of great places to scuba dive in Canada.

So if you’re looking for new spots around the world to explore in your scuba suite, check out Canada. You won’t regret it.

P.S. I’d love to know your favorite spot to dive in Canada. If you have one, let me know. Cheers.

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Fish in the Ocean

Why do we scuba dive? Is it to feel what it’s like to have a tight suite on? It is to feel what it’s like to be deep underwater?

I think the answer lies in not only seeing the fish in the ocean but all the undiscovered wonders that the ocean has to offer. Scuba divers get to see ancient artifacts, lost treasure, sunken ships and all the wildlife of nature.

So we don’t go scuba diving just because it’s cool. We do it because there’s so much to see with the eye under the ocean.

Now is scuba diving easy? That’s a whole different topic…

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