Fish in the Ocean

Why do we scuba dive? Is it to feel what it’s like to have a tight suite on? It is to feel what it’s like to be deep underwater?

I think the answer lies in not only seeing the fish in the ocean but all the undiscovered wonders that the ocean has to offer. Scuba divers get to see ancient artifacts, lost treasure, sunken ships and all the wildlife of nature.

So we don’t go scuba diving just because it’s cool. We do it because there’s so much to see with the eye under the ocean.

Now is scuba diving easy? That’s a whole different topic…

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Why blogging is my new passion

After spending a whole lifetime in the appliance repair industry, I found my new retirement passion. Of course, scuba diving is my passion, but blogging about it is also what I enjoy. Here on my new blog, you’ll be able to explore my history, read cool stories, learn about scuba diving, my experience, and most importantly lean tips and tricks about scuba diving so it’ll me made easier for beginners.


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