Our New Office in Windsor with Repaired Appliances

windsor office

Scuba diving is my passion, so I’m naturally excited about my new office in Winsor Ontario. But as a retired appliance repair technician I have to be most pleased about our repaired appliances as well. Here are the details of this endeavor.

There aren’t a lot of places to scuba dive in Windsor, but the Detroit River is a great option for experienced divers so long as you wear a good diving suit because of the pollution. The reasons I chose this location for my office have nothing to do with the local diving sites though. I have family here and am already used to flying around Canada to meet with private clients. My business has transitioned from being open to quite exclusive recently, especially after Covid. I have not problem with my level of expertise finding clients who wish to learn more about scuba diving. My problem was finding reliable clients.

Now that that’s over with for the most part, I had to relocate my office for personal reasons. In Windsor Ontario, my new office is worthy of mentioning. I got the ebony desk of my dreams and a reliable secretary who also happens to be a family friend. And most pleasing are my modern appliances scavenged from my old apartment. I refused to repair them myself because I retired from that life so I called my local appliance repair Windsor business and in a single day they whipped them back into shape.

You can’t blame me for enjoying my appliances more than other things in my new office though. After all, I used to repair them full time for many years before I broke out of my shell enough to pursue my dream of being a scuba diving instructor. Now that my dream has come true my greatest fear is retiring again, hence my new office in Windsor where I have family to keep me young. To meet clients I fly out most weeks to give 4 day sessions. I’m not quite at the point where I can fly out in my own private jet but I hope to be there soon, depending on how consistent my current clients are. They seem to appreciate the services I give them.

If you don’t know much about scuba diving it really takes a patient instructor to run beginners through the safety precautions and dangers of the process. I teach them everything there is to know with emails and of course my blog but the real lessons come from me supplying all the equipment and taking them to the best diving spots around North America. People fly in from all around the world just to make scuba diving easy. I wonder what a world without teachers would be like when I see how grateful my students are. And now I wonder how life without this amazing office could have ever existed.

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Scuba Diving in Canada

diving in canada

Have you ever scuba dived before? If you have, have done so in Canada? If so, what’s your favorite spot? Mine is Tafino, a little town on Vancouver Island.

Canada isn’t the first place people think of when people ask for good spots to scuba dive. That’s probably because Canada has a reputation for being cold. But it’s really not all that much colder than other places in the world. It’s in the same hemisphere as other places that don’t have such reputations. British Columbia is actually quite tropical in the summer, with ferns and beautiful warm lakes. So in case you didn’t know…

Here’s a helpful list of great places to scuba dive in Canada.

So if you’re looking for new spots around the world to explore in your scuba suite, check out Canada. You won’t regret it.

P.S. I’d love to know your favorite spot to dive in Canada. If you have one, let me know. Cheers.

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Fish in the Ocean

Why do we scuba dive? Is it to feel what it’s like to have a tight suite on? It is to feel what it’s like to be deep underwater?

I think the answer lies in not only seeing the fish in the ocean but all the undiscovered wonders that the ocean has to offer. Scuba divers get to see ancient artifacts, lost treasure, sunken ships and all the wildlife of nature.

So we don’t go scuba diving just because it’s cool. We do it because there’s so much to see with the eye under the ocean.

Now is scuba diving easy? That’s a whole different topic…

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Why blogging is my new passion

After spending a whole lifetime in the appliance repair industry, I found my new retirement passion. Of course, scuba diving is my passion, but blogging about it is also what I enjoy. Here on my new blog, you’ll be able to explore my history, read cool stories, learn about scuba diving, my experience, and most importantly lean tips and tricks about scuba diving so it’ll me made easier for beginners.


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